School Profile

Beacon College is a privately owned school with Grade 0 to 12. It is under the management of a group of people who are visionary and trustworthy. The motto is discover yourself. The School offers high quality teaching and learning. The school caters for learners from all around the corner giving priority to the locals. The school is offering boarding facilities whereby learners can be accommodated at the hostel and hence they get extended time for tutoring. It has a diversified curriculum with English first language. The school provides modern technological facilities to make learning for every learner very enjoyable.


To establish and sustain a high quality educational institution that will uphold high educational standards and ethical values in order to produce quality orientated, responsible and valuable citizens.


We aim the holistic development of a child by providing quality education, nurturing high ethical values, maintaining various cultural norms and values in a cost effective way and through the involvement of all stakeholders in and out of the education sector.